Where Deal Complexity and Speed Meet Their Match
Mergers & Acquisitions with Furtenburg

Our M&A consulting team is dedicated to turning your investment thesis into reality, no matter the complexity or urgency of the deal.

What We Do

Carveouts & Divestitures

Handling complex transactions with finesse, we excel in carveouts, ensuring precision and efficiency even under pressure. We execute dozens of these transactions annually, bringing a wealth of experience to every deal.
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Portfolio Value Creation for Private Equity

Partnering with private equity firms, we uncover and create value through technology, strategic changes, and smart investments. Our tailored strategies drive growth and maximize returns.
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Transaction Advisory Services

From initial strategy and readiness to execution and results, our transaction advisory services help you capitalize on opportunities while avoiding pitfalls. We guide you every step of the way.
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Passion for Results
Why Choose Furtenburg

M&A transactions demand significant focus and resources, with high potential rewards but equally high risks. Our services are designed to help you navigate these challenges efficiently and effectively:

  • Deal Strategy and Diligence: Formulating and scrutinizing your transaction strategy.
  • Integration Planning and Execution: Ensuring seamless integration to realize optimal performance.
  • Achieving Optimal Performance: Tailored solutions to meet your goals.

With over 400 transactions supported each year, our multidisciplinary approach combines industry, operational, and technology expertise to manage the complexities of mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures. Benefit from our extensive experience and best practices to support your growth initiatives.

Our benefits
What is M&A Consulting?

We tackle the complexities of the transaction lifecycle with a focus on technology and operations, from strategy and analysis to integration and optimization.

  • Readiness to Buy, Integrate, or Sell: Assessing your resources, operational capacity, and technology readiness.
  • Due Diligence: Conducting thorough evaluations of your target to identify opportunities and avoid costly oversights.
  • Merger Integration: Ensuring successful integration to retain assets and capture value.
  • Carveout Precision: Guiding you through separations with expertise and precision.
Ready to take the next step?
Create Value for Private Equity Portfolio Companies

Our extensive experience with private equity firms enables us to drive value creation, manage tech platforms, optimize operations, and develop new revenue streams. From deal teams to post-close teams, we work seamlessly to enhance portfolio performance.